You Never Have to Grow Up...

This is my interpretation to one of the scariest dreams I've had recently. What I remember is being held down, covered by a rough blanket and I couldn't escape. When I finally pulled the covers from my head, my husband was sitting in a chair smiling, watching me. Before I woke up his eyes changed from green to red. Very creepy.

I'm suffering from an identity crisis

and don't know who I am

and when I close my eyes to sleep at night,

I wind up in Neverland

where Peter Pan plays with knives,

and all of the lost boys get high

where Tinker bell has evil plans,

to make sure Wendy dies.


There's Ether in the pixie dust

and Meth in every glass

A place where no one wants to grow up, and a croc kicks your ass

but it's a slumber like no other,

the fear induced nightmare

a place I hope you never know,

but if you do, I'll see you there.

The End

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