A New Low


my heart is low,

heavy in my chest,

 and anchor to senseless pain that is driven deeper

into the bones of a desperate generation,

the dead corpse of forgotten hopes from a society devoid of futures.


my mind is high,where the galaxies float.

lost somewhere where it doesn't hurt,

where there might be hope for tomorrow.

stay away, poor boy, stay away;

runaway, far away from this wreckage,

this monumental disaster, memorial of broken minds,

poor girl, beaten down and worn,

always trying to please, with your body, with your bloo,

pretending to be okay when all she is, is emptiness.

empty shell without a pulse, without a thought,

always wanting, always trying to be loved,

unable to save herself from the blackhole that this life is sucking her into.


this heart of mine is low,

deep, lost in the depths of life,

an endless abyss,

darker than death, worse than hell,

like drowning and watching others get saved while you're left sinking;

low. dead low, six feet under low,

a new low for the depressed.

The End

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