Still, I'll LayMature

- ...if you want me to-

"I don't cry but I wanted to"
The worst part is that it's true
For every whisper of quiet fear
Every shake and every tear
A part inside me breaks away

But when awake you smile at me
Or cry, there's no change that I've seen
For every time you fall asleep
Their there, seems you fall too deep
Is it me? I dare not say.

Speaking these names which aren't my own
No escape in your own home
For you'll remember none of this
You pull me close, the deadly kiss
Night ends again a painful way.

"I don't cry but I wanted to"
Though you don't have any clue
Moaning, writhing, full of fear
I can't breathe, you've pulled me near
So useless, there's nothing to say
I'll stay silent as, by you I lay. 

The End

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