All I Want In My LifeMature

-Since I've been procrastinating for a while, I may as well take some time to add these poems finally.. they should really be in the fan-fiction ones but meh.-
-This one, in case you can't guess, is inspired by the song All I Want For Christmas Is You- 

I don't want a lot for Christmas,
Nor for any birthdays, dear.
All I want to know is that I'll
Always know that you'll be here.

Love and other things are just
Confusing and so I must
Say what I know's true:
All I want in my life is you.

I'm not sure where these thoughts are
Coming from. It's not my head.
I just know you make me crazy!
Causes of this are what I dread~

Ridiculous cravings I
Have when you dare say goodbye.
Please don't leave so soon...
All I want in my life is you.

Can you hear my heartbeat?
It's fast when I should leave...
And when I know your sleeping
By me, I'm quiet to hear you breathe...

All I need is you with me,
Tell me that is what you see.
"Make my wish come true!"
All I want in my life is you...
All I want in my life is you ♥ 

The End

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