Difficult LettersMature

-Euphemisms, metaphors, illogical wording, practical quotes, actual quote, 'made up' word, rhyyyme, accidental euphemism (-starts laughing at the euphemism I didn't notice when I wrote it- x3). The main issue with this is if it isn't read exactly how I meant it to be read then it becomes something completely different...-
-For example, the first stanza is about what's in my head.. but it doesn't look like that....-
-Guess who this is aimed at! You get one guess x3- 

Playing scrabble, what fear it can bring
But not with you and that's the thing.
Playing scrabble but they'll never know
For you that is not how things ever go~

My mind is scrabble-filled you see
Letters all 'round inside of me
Makes me blush, I'm gigg-l-y
This scrabble board mess makes me too happy.

Words are out of reach just now
In my letters all I see is miao~
Words are out of my ditzy reach
As I fight for the will to regain my speech~

My mind is overcome with you
I'd say I don't but I do know what you do
Making me act like everything is brand new
Making me happy and we know that parts true~

Leaving you in such a rush
"You need to go" - you make such a fuss~
Touching my soul as I'm pulled back and forth
The trouble I'll get in would be SO worth (it)

My mind is lost in letters, my love
Playing scrabble, I fear you need a glove
Or two to keep from cold above..
Ah you bring over my mind a dove ~

The End

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