After all that time not thinking of you
My mind just goes straight back
After all that time not doing work
When I start, you take me off track

In all those moments spent downstairs
I suppressed you from my mind
But now I come upstairs to work
And you jump at me from behind!

Just as I got past the thoughts
Which lead right back to you
I've filled myself with coffee and
Thinking is all I want to do...

As I start to realise that
I might win this race
I start to bite my inner lip
As a smile comes across my face

And then you're there once again
Stopping me focus
I need some spell to hide you away!
Some wizard's hocus pocus~

You take up far too much of my
Precious alone time
But then, thinking about it all
Honestly, it's you and so... it's perfectly fine. ♥

The End

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