What Makes You Different?Mature

Too bad that 'you' will never read this.

I bring it all down on myself
The things I hide on the top shelf
The feelings I don't want to feel
Which I boxed up and was sure to seal.

I let it out at random when
There's no reason to again
Feel things I don't want to feel
From the box i was sure to seal.

I'll yell at you and remember
What it was like when with her
How I 'loved' her so and yet
How I'd love just to forget

Tears roll down my cheeks because
I remember how bad it was
When I broke him and he went
Back to that, where hatred sent

And he came back still for me
To have a quick peak and see
"But why try again?" He said
Lines of pain you used, dickhead.

For the first time I will think
About pushing him to the brink
So he went back to that whore
Realising the pain was much less before

And recently he's been kicked out
Almost but he doesn't shout
At me for suggesting it
Though it's my fault he's in this sh*t

What makes you different from all the rest?
What makes you think you're the strongest, the best?

One of them went through so much hell
And I made them cry for days as well
And they don't cry, I'll make that known
But days went by with tears being shown.

You don't know what people have been through
You cannot compare them to you
A broken-heart may be nothing new
But what makes you different? That's your damn cue.

The End

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