Such A Loving Limerick~Mature

Only short but.. I needed to post something! ^.^

When I talk to you, my heart it will race
At honestly, quite an alarming pace!
Then it skips a beat
I admit defeat
As I feel the blood return to my face...

And lying in our imag'nry world
Turns me to an innocent little girl
You hug me, I smile
Please stay for a while
Just let the day dream, by itself, unfurl

Changing the scenery, scared it's too far
Is saying where this is, raising the bar?
Though I lose all care
As you play with my hair
It does not matter what or where we are.

And when you've no choice but to up and go
I think by now you should have come to know
I'm crying inside~
While, my face, I hide 
As the time after you've gone passes so slow... 

The End

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