Catching My Breath AgainMature

*blush once again~*

Catching my breath once again this night
But my thoughts aren't taken away
From everything said in my recent delight
Though I barely knew what to say

Catching my breath once again, my dear
My heart is racing in my chest
When you have to leave, I'm pulling you near
I.. Well.. Um.. y-you know the rest..

Catching my breath, my lungs are shattered
Only way I can explain
The way your paws have pitter-pattered
Through my air and straight to my brain
(And on top of that, I've gone insane >.> )

Catching the breath I think I'd held
Since you said about a rose
The responses I had were withheld
And I ended up kissing your nose! ^.^

Catching my breath is not at all new
~From umming and errming and such
I think the addiction I'm gaining for you
Is becoming a little too much...

Catching my breath like a silly fool
Trying to regain composure
At least I'll see you tomorrow at school
(Not seeing you seems to be torture~)

I'm always catching my breath when I
Have spent much time talking to you
But it always seems to end on a sigh..
For when you have to go I don't quite know what to do~ 

The End

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