Unfinished ThoughtsMature

From two days ago. Boys makes my brain hurt~

I know. Some of it's cliché and disgusting.. problem? Bite me.

You start to speak but it turns to dots
And I do the same to you
My unfinished thoughts staying in my mind
(For fear of your reaction, it's true.)

And now, you blush and I giggle
Responses we have come to know
Tomorrow I wonder, in the hallway
How our conversations then, will go

"This is the best conversation I've had in a while"
I type out and send to your screen
You blush, completely embarrassed
At least, that's how it would seem.

Hearts and smiles and things in 'stars'
As we play our RPG
In our own little world on msn
Cliche, but it's just you and me.

Awkward words spill from your name
While I do the same on my side
Hearts everywhere, too embarrassed to talk
As I kiss your nose while you hide

But unlike yesterday, tonight when I dare
to say goodbye to you
It'll be alright because I know
We'll always have other days too..

The End

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