Collecting Broken Hearts #2 - BoredMature

Collecting broken hearts
Until you see
The truth.

Collecting up your pain
Until you come to realise
Not everything should be

Collecting all your gifts;
Haven't you
Ever been taught
About gold-diggers like

Collecting up your name(s)
Until you have a 
Reality check,
So you notice you are not
Even close to being the only
Destruction I've caused.

Collecting up your lust
And your "love" and your
Deceiving ways
As you act like you
Very, truly feel
Everything you
Read from those books of cheesy pick up lines.

Collecting up your tears
As you cry for the
Last time
After I rip your now
Morbid soul from
Inside of you and
Your heart apart.

Collecting up your trust
And making you believe I will
Never do anything to
Cause you any harm or let any
Evil come upon you.
Riding your emotions
Out through your body
Until you loose all
Sense of why you ever loved me.

Collecting up your words
Or sentences or poetry but
Never letting any of it
Touch my heart,
As I stopped feeling
Goosebumps and
Indescribable feelings
Oh, so long ago. So I simply collect
Until you realise it
Simply will not go anywhere.

Collecting broken hearts
Lets see how many I can get.
Only until
Something clicks in your head.
Even then.. maybe only when you and I are

The End

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