Collecting Broken HeartsMature

This is inspired by four gifts I've been given in my time by some beautiful boys who I made it out like meant nothing to me... :| (in all honesty.. one of them never did.. because I'm a b*tch like that and because I got FORCED into dating him... His present is, however, one of the two most beautiful and is home-made - out of clay - which just adds to the beauty.. If he knew I still had it he would probably die of embarrassment or something....)

Collecting broken hearts
For days when I feel

Collecting up your pain
For when I think I am

Collecting all your gifts
For times when I feel

Collecting up your name(s)
For times when I lose

Collecting up your lust
For days when I think I'm

Collecting up your tears
For when you make me think I cause
No hurt

Collecting up your trust
For when I realise I want to have

Collecting broken hearts
For the time when I eventually
Work out how to

The End

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