I Have FaithMature

When I read this one it kind of makes me think that it's a religious thing.. as with the title.. so maybe I'll just go with that..

-I often wonder why it is that I always seem like I'm in love when I wrote poetry. This is not an insightful comment into the reason why, I'm just letting everyone know that I wonder.
I am not, for the record, in love with anyone that I know of.
After all, I don't believe in love.. So it makes it a bit difficult to actually fall in love.-

I can hear myself speaking but I don't know the words
And in my chest there's a pounding a fluttering like the birds
I'm taking time now to notice what this feeling is
And inside I am thinking that the fluttering should be his

I can hear the wind blowing and the trees as they shake
And my legs are hard to stand on like this is an earthquake
I'm looking 'round to notice what this is about
And inside I am thinking that truly I'm full of doubt.

But you take my hand and look into my eyes
And you tell me that this World's not full of lies
And I know that there's no question any more because
You're the one I've been dreaming of
And you are the only one I could say I love. 

The End

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