This KissMature

I am a bad person~

I'm so dizzy
Standing in my mind
And looking around at all
Of this.

I'm so lost
I don't know where I am
Hiding in the corners
Of this.

I'm trying to find
A way out, somewhere
Where I can be free
Of this.

I'm going 'round in circles
Back exactly where I started
And you're there of course, in the middle
Of this.

I'm fighting myself
But I want to be with you, near you,
I want to be known and loved but I'm scared
Of this.

I'm closing in
You're too close now and
I need to get you away from myself
And this.

I want to stay here
With you in my mind
This place where I'm needed and held and wanted,
This place where I'm loved and I know
In just
A kiss. 

The End

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