Silly BoysMature

This was predominantly dedicated to Frenchie and Gareth. I want the world to know that.
It is now dedicated to a variety of people and various parts but overall it was dedicated to those two people (Gareth firstly~hence the comment on hair~ and then both of them.)

And yes, I know it isn't really about love..
Bite me. -.- 

There's this stupid lack of self-belief.

Have you seen your hair?
Combination rare.

Have you read your writing
About the fighting
And all the action one could seek? 

Have you listened to yourself speak
When times are bleak
And friendship is just what you seek
And your voice causes pain to end? 

Have you been your friend
Known that you're a true God-send
Bringing people around the bend
As a shoulder to lean on, you will lend.
You always bring a sense of relief!

Yet still you have a stupid lack of self-belief. 

The End

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