Even WhenMature

Oh.. If I didn't have such a thing for being.. ~precise~ then I would delete this. However then I would not only lose a piece of poetry but I would also be lying in that I hadn't moved them over.. as I would have deleted one~

Even if you read these poems
You won't realise that they're for you
Even if you wrote your feelings
I would still think you had few

Even if you listened to me
You would not hear what I'd say
Even if you say you love me
I'll still look another way

Even if you took my hand and
Told me what I'm sure I know
No matter what you've meant to me
I would never let it show

If you'd ever try to kiss me
I don't think I'd hesitate
Even if you say it's random
I think I would claim it's fate

For even when you touch my shoulder
Shivers take their place in me
And though I say that I don't 'want' you
I'd really like you to want me... 

The End

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