Scared For You.Mature

I'm scared of getting
Close to you
Scared of what you'll
Want to do
Scared that you think
I'm easy
Scared you think you
Can 'please me'
I'm scared I won't know
How to say
"No I don't want to
Get away"
Scared that when you
Look at me
I'll forget I'm
Scared that to you
I'm nothing
Scared you could mean
Scared that I will
Care for you
Scared that you might
Leave me too.

I'm scared of getting close to you
I'm scared you just want that, it's true
I'm scared you've heard all about me
I'm scared you'll just want what you see
I'm scared you don't want me for me
I'm scared you just want my body
So scared that you won't care for me
When the one who never cares is me. 

The End

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