A New Beginning - Part 1

A branch off Today is The Dawn of A New Age. Consider Part 2 of that to be the branching off point.

When looking at the painting do we see the artist?

Lost behind makeup, a delicate flower or a serpent

I hear the ideals of the painter

Sprawled here and there on her lips like acrylic


I wish to be the writer of those thoughts, visions, ideas

But know not where to start nor how

My heart is as hardened as yours ma ami

Though I tap into the deeper source


Do you see the words on the paper

Take them and grow

Learn only what is written, not interpretation, the analytical enemy of the soul.


Take me kill me till my flesh comes home

Everyday I keep watching the happiness around me grow

Close to it myself, though she may never know.


I kept my symphony going on far too long

Let the notes sprawl across the pages

When the second symphony was the greatest.


So as it states, this is the new beginning.

Simple heart, lost from the start

For it I’d give my everything


Ever dream of the future

But not know the path?

Would it change you, or would you change it


Come out to where the seas wash over me

Just once see the landscape upon thee

Entwined in your thoughts I follow


He tells me to go on

Ask a million questions

Hope for a few answers

No more fear

He knows the wisdom is right


All I want is to be accepted for who I am

My words stuck between je’taime

Ever hear the way one life can change

Me too, but I don’t need anymore tears

I’d like them back


Then I realize that in every teardrop

We see who we are meant to be with, but faded and shaded to gray

So I watch the tears fall

And write down the person I see within

I’m in love with life

With the way the wind blows and the way the smiles show

Ever notice the building that we call love?

How the foundations of our world depend on that beating organ we don’t ever see?


 It begins with friendship

Blossoms like a rose into something more

Rambling I may be with these verses

However jaded I am though, j’y crois encore


My love for life, and loving people

Expands far beyond your horizon.

I only hope, that one day my ship will meet your submarine

That I enter your dreamland

And become part of your fantastical reality.


And there lies the secret to the new world.





Let me rebuild you to make you stronger

And bring your tears back for a smile perhaps.

The End

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