A Nation

A slam about my current feelings on the Irish political situation.

A nation,

A proud nation,

This nation,

Which we have raped beyond recognition in this realm of revenue,

This nation where we let the gentry fly the flag of their masquerade, and parade

On the backs of wage slaves

Question nothing we are told,

The news is correct, your gut is wrong, do we look like we could lie?

Now ignore your brain and buy, buy, buy!


We have allowed you your rights,

All we expect is your apathy.

"People of Ireland we are living far beyond our means",

Ireland, we are living far beyond our means,

People, we are living far beyond our means,

And our means seem to react in kind,

Because our means are the streets to what closes our minds.


But we are at war for your opinions.

It’s not right wing or left wing,

It’s have and have not’s,

and these media mavericks will take everything you’ve got.

Venture capitalists taking chances with your payroll

Putting bets, on the banking roulettes,

But we are too blind to see what they've stole.


They construct ransom letters with script from the bible

And bleed mascara tears into the holy water,

They let young martyrs bleed on the crosses of their discontent

And ravage his bones through their cocaine vultures

Using your TV remote to change what’s true,

And cosmetic surgery to change how you see you.


Their plastic music, beats their plastic drums

Their plastic drums, beat their plastic hearts

Their plastic hearts, lead their plastic army

And their plastic army is you. 


Now go to work,

Send your kids to school,

Follow fashion,

Act normal,

Walk on the path,

Say no to drugs,

Pray to god,

Obey the law,

Now repeat after me: I AM FREE!


The End

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