A Narration

A typical narration of a love story

If you would just quietly sit..

Open Your hearts, waiting to be lit.

I'd tell you a story like no other,

Your mind to capture and hearts enraptured..

A silent beginning in a humble setting,

To tell of love, of what would be a beginning.

No stone would be left unturned,

For i'll tell of love, of hate and jealousy that burned.

Now u sit there and you sit tight.

As the wick to this candle i shall soon light,

To tell the tale I’ll need your ear,

All your attention, oh please do hear,

I’ll start with the beginning where it all began

Tell of their lives individually each

This is how the story I’ll preach.

Then move on to their first meet,

And on and on turning up the heat,


To the first Crescendo, upping the pitch,

A life so beautiful, charming and bewitched

Along of course will come crossroads,

And the paths will seem slashed

With double visioned sights,

That give way to dark nights.


But the kite will fly high a hand on the string

To guide them back and bring them in,

And together they flocked in solitude’s company.


The story will of course end now here,

Off the track it shall now veer,

To a cheerful close a heartful goodbye,

A teary trickle and a breath of sigh.


The book now closed another to start,

Another tale, another memory,

A bundle of emotions waiting in gear,

In a roller coaster ride with fate to steer

I’ll end it now,

I’ll  end it here,


Some other time I’ll begin again,

Till then my friend,

I bid farewell.





The End

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