A Name by Any Other Rose

This might be as cheesy as "Shall I compare thee to a midsummer's day?" or whatever the original goes.

But ohmyword. You would get it, were you in my shoes.

A Name by Any Other Rose

My Dear, I don't believe you realize how utterly captivated I am by you.

It is as though your very presence emanates the aroma of beauty, your

Very existence in a room makes the lights shine a little more brightly.

The passion you have for life, every fiber of life, is a valiant shade of red

One that makes the word "vibrant" seem like a muted swatch of grey.

You have your share of thorns (but then, don't we all?), but as for me

I am willing to be close to you, even if the thorns prick my skin and draw blood.

You have been planted in parched soil, and the battle has been weary

And yet you give of yourself to others, attempting to refresh their souls

With even just a few droplets of love and encouragement like water.

And that is why, when you say my name, I am nearly paralyzed

With how beautiful such a simple name as mine becomes, on your lips.

When others say "Rachel," it is just a word - but with you, it's a symphony.

And that is why my name, by any other rose, would not sound as sweet.

The End

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