A MonologueMature

when showering, I was inspired by a train of thought I had for a script, and so I wrote out some of it, then just filled in the rest with how I'd play it out. Is meant to be read as though the people are yelling passionately and angrily at one another.

Two people, a boy and a girl surrounded by friends, are sitting at lunch prepared to eat. The girl makes an offhand comment about how she failed a test and did so because of the teacher. The boy shakes his head sadly.

"You shouldn't have done that. You can't blame him for your grades."

"That's it. That is it. I'm not a super hero for Christ's sake. I'm just me. What the hell is your problem? Why the fuck do you hold me to such a high standard?"

"Because I know you can handle it. Because I know that you have the ability to soar, and I know that you can do this effortlessly. Don't give me this 'the teacher's dumb' bullshit, because we both know that if you cared even a little bit, that you'd learn it all on your own. You do that for enough things, taking initiative to get your damn scholarships done, taking the go head to volunteer for all sorts of pointless shit, but it's here that you fail. Here, is where you don't try anything special even in the least bit. You just... you just can't see the gifts you have? Do you know what you have? You have the ability to do absolutely anything you want, but you waste it. You have things that I'll never have, drive, determination, talent, and you are mindlessly wasting them everyday. You're fucking brilliant, and you can't even see that fact in front of your face. Your problem is that you're lazy as hell. That's right. When you don't want to do something, or something gets even the slightest bit frustrating you just quit. Nope, no second tries, no pursuit of the matter past it's original concept. You. Just. Fail. You're pretty good at failing too, because you do it all the damn time. Sit down. SIT DOWN. You can't leave, because over the years I've had it up to fucking HERE with you. Don't roll your eyes at me. You have the passion and the talent, the willpower and the courage to do absolutely anything, try absolutely anything, BE absolutely anything, and that's something I'll never have. My inabilities, my struggles, my disabilities are chaining me to the ground while you're free to fly into the sky. Don't waste your time. Don't clip your wings because you're too afraid to soar. Don't get food from the cage, because the door will shut on you and then you'll see that you can never get out."

"Stop it, you're causing a scene."

"Another problem! These people are the one's who will shut the door on you if you are not careful. I don't want to hear what these 'people' think or say or do or feel because it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at ALL what they think or do to you because YOU are in control of YOU and what THEY do, unless they're sitting there with a gun pointed at your head, doesn't matter to you in the least bit. They could make things difficult, but I know you well enough to know you'll figure a way out of it. So don't give me that bullshit that you failed your damn test because the teacher is bad. We're all tired of hearing this 'poor me poor me' tirade, as it got old real fast."

"What the hell do you want from me?"

"I want you to do me a favor and dream again. I want you to look into your heart, feel that passion and exuberance at those wild outlandish ideas that have flooded your brain since you were an infant, and I want you to aspire to one of them. Aspire to become everything you've ever dreamed of. and then I want you to remember that you can do it."

The End

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