A Mind Lost, Broken

It's about how people are seperated for a long time and find when they meet again, both of them have changed

My gaze turning homeward

Welcomed to the sound of brass and raised cries

Fate befriending, guiding the western tide

I shall sleep soundly tonight


The city brings me back to bear

The breaths unsteady, but I'm ready

Archaic consequences of moments long forgotten

In your absence a love unsure turns rotten


She rejoices, but she says something has changed

I lost myself somewhere in the ocean

Celebration transforms quickly into rage

The cyclone of emotion, unfurled, uncaged


I found my own but lost it all

I found my home colder now

Now that I've arrived, and the time has past

The future is sailing fast


In a few years we repeat the cycle again

I stared into my soul for redemption

But there's no saving ourselves without cost

What we once won in love, must now be lost


A body forged in fire and blood

A mind broken, lost to logic

She remembered you, but will not respond

Life shows how fragile love is

How easily you can shatter the bond



The End

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