A Melancholic State

One man is left over after a break out of a mutated virus, but in poem form.

The bitter ash flows in a stream across the harsh landscape,

The silent screams continue,

The grey land reflects all left on this earth,

Nothing stirs, the birds are dead,

Their flesh in the ether,

Even lichen cannot survive,

'It' destroyed all, consuming and removing,

Until there was nothing left living but itself,

And then it took itself,

Then there was nothing, not even light,

As there was nothing to see,

The chaos runs in a cycle,

The only things that can now fight are the winds and the seas,

The stench of flesh follows,

The bodies of fish and dolphins are strewn on the coast,

Man's great cities are now in ruin,

Crushed by an invisible force,

Once populated by busy merchants and artisans,

A desert village is nothing but blood,

No not blood, not even death,

Death was consumed by 'It',

Man tried to avoid his doom,

He changed the winds of time,

He rebuilt the beasts of old,

He secluded himself against nature,

But nature came for him,

And he could not run,

He could not even breath,

He choked on his own creation,

It sucked the life out of him,

It turned his blood to lead,

His body to fire,

And his soul to rage,

Then he collapsed in on himself,

As a dying star does when ancient,

A singularity of pain is left,

No-one to comfort him,

All have met their end like him,

Caught in their own cage of pain and ire,

'It' hunted all.

A lone shadow walks in this place,

Haunted by the corruption of man's mistake,

It walks, mirrored by a body,

Indistinct, devoid of hope,

The lonely shadow walks against the bleak landscape,

Not even dust moves now,

It has been crushed by the weight of time,

He has no thoughts now,

He need no worries,

His hopes destroyed,

Nothing behind him,

And nothing in front,

He is doomed to walk,

The abyss welcomes him,

And death greets him at the gate of oblivion,

Without sorrow and without warmth,

And as he is taken by his death,

The earth is also taken,

The once beautiful planet,

Turns to rock and sand,

It's last light dies,

And there is nothing left,


The End

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