A man named Lot

In days of old, in time forgot

lived a man, whose name was Lot

This man they say, would smile and jeer

and clap and bounce, and laugh with cheer.

A welcome sight, for all to see

this man named Lot, with lasting glee.

Soon time passed, bonds were sown

friendship seeded, love had grown

All knew of Lot, his happiness

of his warm praise, eternal bliss.

But one day he, that poor old Lot

walked alone, and heard a shot

Scarlet billowed, out of his head

a tragic thing, for Lot was dead.

Children cried, and ladies wept

Big men grew pale, while Lot just slept.

And time went on, as it does

none think of Lot, or who he was

Yet his deeds, though now so old

Sing of passion, and love untold.

So live like he, that poor old Lot

Though he lived, in days forgot

Sing and bounce, and laugh and play

smile and cheer, and seize the day.

The End

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