A Man Named Loet

there was a man, whose name was Loet

more than anything, this man was poet

he wrote down lyrics, he jotted rhymes

he did all of this, to pass the time

this man named Loet, to some degree

enlightened the world, with his poetry

first came the sonnet, about the fool

who lied to a king, and who stole a jewel

he sowed disgrace, and reaped deceit

the fool was clever, the fool was a cheat

but then he was caught, and when he was tried

he pleaded for mercy, regretting he lied

unlucky for fools, in court it is said

justice is equal, to the weight of a head

next came a verse, of a boy and his dog

who happened to meet, a magical frog

it asked them a riddle, whoever guessed right

was granted one wish, was due one delight

he was eager, this little boy

deep in his heart, he wished for a toy

the riddle was asked, and here it goes

what has six faces, but no trace of toes

twenty-one eyes, and not a single nose

wears no make-up, and whose head rolls?

it was frightening, all of these features

he thought of monsters, he thought of creatures

but the answer was wrong, when given at last

the frog did croak, and a spell was cast

now for the dog, whose riddle resounded

what is built flat, or sometimes rounded

the head of the house, its armor is pounded?

the dog gave no thought, it simply said roof

the answer was right, and here is the proof

their places were changed, thanks to the caster

the boy was the pet, his dog was his master

last came the ode, Loet wrote it the best

and to a princess, the ode was addressed

it paid homage to beauty, highlighted grace

it made her lover jealous, and red in the face

he hated Loet, this envious man

behind closed doors, he devised a plan

to get rid of the poet, it had to be done

first lure him out, at half past one

that part was easy, you may understand

he forged a letter, in the princess's hand

which Loet received, and read every word

he ran to her arms, embracing only a sword

romantic affairs, in court they suggest

will likely end, with a sting in the breast

there was a man, whose name was Loet

more than anything, he died as a poet

The End

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