A Lunar Cry

Never one for un-necessary feminism, but once again...like most teenagers....i was on Facebook. And once again I was erm..."Provoked" by girls complaining. So i felt i needed to explain to myself that girls can be strong, girls move as a group (like wolves) and they can have the stubborn heart like them too :) all that power at their disposal...yet a small knock of confidence and they hide in the shadows. so, Read and Relate, hopefully you'll enjoy

Come out of the shadows. My love.

Come. Stand by my side.

Run with the pack.

And once more. Regain your pride.


Your limp is a lie.

You’re stronger than this, and you know.

Proof is not necessary

Strength is in your youthful glow


You run fast!

Your heart beats, with such strength and pride

However scorned with your own fires heat,

In the shadows of self woe, you are confined.


Foresee the risk,

And tread each paw with concern.

Less a tear from your eye, or a hair from your head

From an unexpected burn.


And when you may,

Fall injured in battle, and withdraw to the night.

Lick your wounds clean, and emit your cry

Voice your distress, to a heartfelt sky.

Your pack will come running, to aid your solemn lone

And together we will run.

Let the moon guide us home.


 Ryan Smith – 16/1/2011

The End

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