A Loving Elegy

This is about life without the one you love, the loss of true love from death do you part

Walking through a cold chilling forest..no green  what so ever...Just darkness that seems to go on and on...So I look around and I feel like I am being followed by unknown shadows that are tracing my steps..Breathing hard and losing strength I cry out in pain for you...the sky turns dark and I feel so closed in but my only comfort is thinking of you....and without a thought or a trace I fall into deep sleep and dream of our memories and wonders above. We're dancing together in one perfect love...I think this is real because our love was so strong and all of a sudden I awake and realize....It's gone, all gone......this just can't be real...The memories are fading and my terror starts to reveal and I see the horrifying memory.......my scar upon my heart....was because you left this place with a terrible depart.....And I come up into contact with a grave so icy cold...My mind can no longer take this I loose all my control..screaming out WHY while I sit alone and cry....This grave is holding my one true love who is now flying on angel wings in Heaven above . So I'll leave him just one gift to remember me. It's a piece of my heart that forever will be.......For our love............

The End

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