A lovely love poem about loveMature

The title sez what it's about mate.

When I'm walking down the street,

And I'm thinking of you,

Something odd happens,

In my wiggly waggly woo.

I get so nervous,

When I try to talk to you,

I don't think you'll like,

My wiggly waggly woo.


And when I'm on the toilet,

And I'm doing a little poo,

Something, really odd,

Happens in my wiggly waggly woo.


Standing outside your house,

There, the whole night through,

I start to touch,

My wiggly... waggly... WOO!


I don't know how to tell you,

The things to me you do,

I want you near,

My wiggly waggly woo.


Aw dammit, I spilled my drink,

It got all over my shoe,

Oh god no,

Not on my wiggly waggly woo.


When I was born,

Everybody knew,

That when I grew up,

I'd have a good wiggly waggly woo.

And our love together,

Wouldn't be only woo hoo's

You're much more to me,

Than a wiggly waggly woo.


I truly love you,

Your smile, your laugh, your boobs,

I want you beside me,

On my wiggly, waggly, woo.

The End

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