A love forbidden.

Poems about forbidden love.

That first glance

That small smile

The words flowing from those lips

I sit and stare

Not out of place

The classroom is a fitting space

To sit and listen to the teacher

And it isn't only me that sits and stares

I can feel the strings pulling closer, closer

the magnets drawing the few of us close,

who have dared to love those of our own.

Some stare as you turn

too low for decency

others stare at your form,

your chest, your pixie like height

yet i am drawn to your perfect face

your lips, your eyes,

your sweet button nose

And i think

If i believed in God, i'd think he'd brought you

I can't believe i'm here

The more i stare

the more i feel

and as the year goes by

I feel the pain to think that you,

could never love someone like me.

I live in hope

you could love me

a simple girl, a student to your mastery

I dream of you

and with all of my heart

hope that you dream of me too.

The End

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