A Love

A poem of love and how it lasts through even the darkests of nights.

A Love

By -- Ameera Mae Laramie


There is a reason for life, as it leads down

the paths that fork from the days of youth.

The grains of the Sands of Time

cannot break the lasting beating that

is of two hearts that have become one

The hardest and uncaring of all hearts has

once felt the most wonderful thing to

behold in the darkness of night.

It is the fabric of soul that keeps

together all that walk upon this Earth,

from the tiny ant to the giant elephant.

It is what makes the world turn,

the fires burn, and the sun rise and set,

all the while whispering gentle secrets into

the wind and brings joy into the trees.

All the evil, sorrow, and hurt cannot destroy

what is meant to last for an eternal lifetime.

What is this powerful creation that can not be taken away?

It is the only thing that keeps a dying heart beating:


The End

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