A Lost Soul

A lost soul is about someone who I've known for years in Thailand. He was my best friend, the one who would always understand the meaning of friendship. He was an orphan, lost his parents in war when he was still very young. In this poem, I tried to paint what I felt for him as a friend, about one day, someone he loved the most, broke his heart cruelly without hesitation.

I saw fragments of pain
Rolling down over his face
In his eyes, tears were moving back inside
Slowly, he sighed and lied about his agony
But he did said, "love is a goddess of pains”
His hands remained silently on his chest
His hoary feet were moving around
Looking for holes to crawl in; against cold
I knew, deep inside, he’d shot himself by hatred
The world gave him a chance to survive
A girl brought him a ghostly life to cry for
I remembered that lonely, cold night
We walked together, along an old road
The road that filled with filthiness, haunted
Just like his dying heart, was cut off alive by the one
The only one, he had known for years
His smiles were frozen in time, hastily
Under falling snows, his laughers were dried out
Uncertain emotions were written on his grey lip
I remember his shattered words, nightmares,
Along with his dream of love, damaged by love
He was an old friend, the only real friend I'd got
The one that lost his soul in a love game.

The End

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