A Lost moment

Into my life she came again
But it was as though we had never met
Suppressed memories just came alive
That which I spent years to forget

The years to her had been unkind
and the irony wasn't lost on me
Her face had once graced a thousand dreams
and had brought me much exquisite agony

We talked and she asked how I was
I told her of how the years had been
It made no sense to dredge the past
and of the years I had spent pining

For a moment there was that smile
that had made me fall in love with her
but standing before me was a different woman
that much I knew as I grew near

Then we stopped talking after a while
There wasn't really that much left to say
An awkward silence came over us
She fidgeted around, while I looked away

We then quietly said our goodbyes,
She then disappeared into the world
We became just another moment in time
never again seen or even heard

The End

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