A Longing

Its about lonliness and a shout out for my lonely spirit

 I'm far from good looking, far from being a saint,

a million miles from perfect and a lot of insane.

 I'm a bag full of regrets and a ton full of pain,

stories of a broken heart and full of dreams that are unmade.

 I've been reaching out to the void longing for some one to come,

maybe she'll hold my hand and tell me baby your the one.

 I'll take you as you are... she'll say... ill take away your pain.

 I'll put your past in a dungeon and throw the keys away.

Fall into my arms and let me kiss your tears away.

 I get you baby- I really do!..with all your messes and all that hair.

 A stormy Night or a dull gloomy day...

We'll be together forever till the end of life's play


The End

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