A Lonely Valentine's

Surprisingly not written in February... It was actually wriiten sometime in January... Sadly this is one of those rare poem's that I never dated with a time. *twitches at the thought*

I watch the bright day pass by

Wishing for clouds

While my heart wishes for a friend

The calendar at every step at every corner

Juxtaposing the loneliness I feel within

Every swatch of red and pink

Bringing a cringe and a grimace anew

A heart slowly hardening to it all as the day passes

A soul withering

As much as its shell strengthens

A rational mind

Warring with an irrational dying heart

And yet the sun shines outside

Leaving the battle to wage on

Leaving me to wonder where I keep going wrong

Leaving me to enjoy another

Another glorious Valentine’s

With only my questions to romanticize my thoughts.

The End

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