A Little Time Left

I wonder what thoughts go through your head
All I hear is screaming -- no true listening
I'm as much at fault as you, but
Can't you see it just pushes me away?

It's times like these when I want to run away
I think you would be better for it
It's times like these when I consider deadly options
I feel it wouldn't even phase you

But you should know it would be you to blame
No one else has a problem with me, no one else can't handle me
Only you; I think that says something about this relationship

And it isn't pretty; I count the days until I leave
I consider never looking back; I consider the freedom I could feel

I don't want this, but it feels as if you do
So should I give in willingly? Let you push me over the edge?

But I'm so afraid of falling... A deep, bottomless pit it would be
Would there be anyone, anything to stop the endless falling?

My fear keeps me holding on for dear life
That is not how I want it to end
So I keep holding on, pulling myself back up, inch by inch
When you're preoccupied by other things
And I just keep myself from tipping by any means possible
It's just a little longer I tell myself
Just a little time left

The End

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