A little piece of heaven

A poem dedicated to my now passed grandmother.

I wish you weren't so far away,

So distant, a meer memory that doesn't last.

People say that you'd always be in my heart,

But they lied to me,

A cruel, a lie to keep my ten year old heart from shattering.

But now I realize how badly I want you back.

Maybe if I pray hard enough God will send the little piece of heaven that's missing in my heart back home.

Maybe if I cling to your necklace your memory will soothe the scars in my soul.

And we can have all those moments I never got to have.

You wiping away my tears, being there when no one else was.

If I could turn back time I would do it, without a second thought I'd replay my past.

Maybe then I would be close enough to you that my heart wouldn't have a chasm dividing it.

But, no matter how dear you are though, you won't come back.

No matter how many tears are spilled, no matter how much I pray for God to just let me see you.

I can't move the clouds, I can't stop the rain, and I can't build a staircase to heaven to stop this pain.

The End

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