A little girl once, and forever.

It's about a little girl who has been in loved with someone for a long time. Until the day they met came, little girl didn't know what to do. She decided what's the best for them both and lived happily ever after. An unbelievable story.

I was once a Little girl from town sOmewhere in philippines

and i neVer fell in love with a bEautiful guY ever since.

you stOle my heart with jUst one blink

and the world stops whenever your hair Flips.

i was Once a little giRl staring in the window,

wishing thaT you're witH me when the wind blows.

i tRied to closE my Eyes and i feel You therE.

but nothing seems to hAppen and it's so unfaiR.

i waS once a little girl crying on my bEd,

when i heard that you haVe a girlfriEnd.

i tried to fight but i couldN't resIst,

the Fact that you don't know i even exisT.

i was once a little girl trying to move on,

when everytHing in my life seEms to go wrong.

i was crazy in love and never felt thiS way

and i'm blaming yoU For the wrongs that i made.

i was once a little girl angry with you,

when you just let my Feelings flEw.

you never took care of my fRagile heart,

and hurt me from the very start.

i was once a lIttle girl cursiNg your name,

2am in the eveninG playing a game.

i thought It was eaSy but it felt the same,

so i took your picture and geT a flame.

i was once alittle girl crazy in lOve,

in every detail you've gOt.

but as i grew older i learned a fact,

that soMeday you'll die before having me back.

i'm no little girl and will never be,

especially when yoU give me those memories.

i tried to look back with everything  you did.

and somehow, i Couldn't blame you everything with it.

now that you met me and i stole your Heart,

how you wish that you can call me sweetheart.

but i'm so sorry for saying no to you,

when everything to do is to love you back.

now that your still asking for my sweet "yes",

and hoping that you have the right guess.

but baby i know that i still love you from the rest,

but i can't love you so wish you all the best.

as the days goes by i pity your heart,

so i said "yes!" when you brought my favorite tart.

you loved me, i loved you and we were never apart,

until i knew that it will just be on the start.

our relationship was good, worse and worst.

and as i said, the best is the first.

i love you so much that you hurt me very much.

it was a short time with you because its all a rush.

i go back and flash those days,

when i'm still in love with your handsome face.

i got angry, i cried, i cursed you and move on.

but being the little girl before, i still can't go on.

you said "sorry and will never do it again",

and i said sarcastically that i really can't

i know your sincere but I have a fear

of losing you baby because that is real.

sorry for lying, for being rude.

even though i knew your love is true

but before i wrote the last stanza and say goodbye,

remember that i love you that's why i let you fly.

i cried and cried and i have sleepless nights.

thinking that i wasn't right

but remember that i will always be that little girl who's crazy

and will love you forever.


The End

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