A Life I'm Afraid To Live.

A realization that the life style that I have been trying to avoid is actually the one I lead.

Sitting smitten by a vixen who's beauty I envision

Making a decision as to weather she would listen

Pleas of the half hearted love poems half started

Half finished and still completely about her

Unsure of my confession my affection is a blur

Illusions of grandeur come to slander my convictions

Insecurities grow like cancer help to hamper my predictions

Consistently inconsistent when it comes to making change

Despite my fierce Insistence still so distant I remain

I seek a new location or maybe a new vocation

Anything to shake this secondhand hesitation

Separation between my body and my minds distorted youth

Convoluted and diluted to create contorted truth

Life has left me lifeless no emotion no excuse

Life is hardly worth living and I am living proof

My heart has been broken there is no more love to give

As I've become a token of a life I'm afraid to live

The End

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