I hated...

I hated all the bugs

The green and flying ones

The stinging and stinking ones

That's something I hated

But now I can touch a bug

So far away it seems

When I would only look at a bug

And then start to scream

I hated all the bullies

Quite taller than me so

Taking all my things

And then on their bikes they go

But now I am a bully's size

And although I don't hurt

I still remember the vague days

When my Teddy was thrown in dirt

I hated all the boys

Teasing and pulling my hair

Telling all their dumb friends

To get near me if they dare

But now all the boys are cute

Annoying not so much anymore

I don't have to wish them on mute

I'm pleased to the core

Now, I am just a teenage one

No bad come to me, no harm to be done

But there were a few things about those days

That took a bit of the fun away

The End

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