Game over

A poem about the story of a player who lost the game and everything else.

So tired of being lied to and at the end of my rope,
My heart was badly broken and I've given up hope.

How could he lie to me after all I've done?

He told me  he loved me and I was the only one.

He told me I was the best thing that happened in his life,

Funny how he forgot to mention that he had a wife.

"But we're getting a divorce, he said, now that I've met you."

His eyes tearing over and I wanted it to be true.

So I stayed awhile longer, hoping for the best,

I guess only time will tell if he will pass the test.

Months flew by, but I could tell

all was just not well.

His visits ceased and he barely bothered to call.

Then together I saw them at the local mall.

I walked up to them and I said hello.

You should have seen the face of poor Joe.

I said" I've missed you babe, where have you been?"

Are you going to introduce me to your lady friend?

The women doesn't speak and she just stares.

But the look on Joes face told me she was well aware.

"I best be going now, I said, tomorrow is a big day."

Just doing a little shopping for this baby on the way."

Then I pat my belly as I left wearing a big grin.

Joe may have played the game, but I got to win!

Somewhere it is written an eye for an eye,

So I figured it is fair; a lie for a lie.


The End

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