a letter to the living

a poem based on my own internal struggle when faced with the possibility of losing a dear friend... he fought to live inspires me to continue. Thank You!

 I am afraid to touch, feeling the blood flow through your veins just under your paper skin, drained, the heat off your body means you are alive today. I am too afraid to get close, closeness leads to loss inside I know one day soon no longer will the heat raise from your body and you will leave me. Better now to close off that door before it’s opened. Before I met you I never would have thought twice about my life or even ending what I perceived I did not have. You fight to live yet give so much to get so close to someone like me, why? I don’t even know you but you seem to know me inside I feel I may be dying too. Hurt is reminder that I am not. I am afraid you will hurt me too.

The End

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