A Letter To My Love One

This a poem that I wrote and I want comments from all of you. I am not that good. I love wrting poems. Thank you

I am writing a letter to you,

I have willed my soul in this,

I search you within me,

It's been a long time since,

I have entered into your eyes,

My heart wishes you well,

I can sacrifice anything just to see you smile,

Your heart is my home,

I was like a paper,

You've become great epic on that,

I followed you as shadow of the rainbow,

But you walked in different directions,

Leaving me in tears forever!!

Like I said I can sacrifice anything

To see the smile on your face... 

I can't move on like you,

My love for you is true,

You will always be in my life,

Even if I am not in yours.



Your Girl

The End

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