A Letter to Mainstream Izzy

So, a few weeks ago I threw away all my old clothes. This felt oddly symbolic to me, as I used to be quite 'Mainstream' and I almost feel as if I threw away an old, unneeded part of myself - so I wrote this part of me a letter to say goodbye.

I guess I killed you, but I'm not sorry
Though you weren't run over by a car, train, or lorry
But after all this time, you're finally gone
It's weird to know, but it's not wrong
I stretched you out for far too long
You were the odd one, not good in your skin
Talked about being fat, but knew you were thin
You tried anything, just to fit in
I gave you eye-liner, dyed your hair
As a final straw, you have nothing to wear
Branded shirts, branded life
Cut through the stereotype like a knife
Rid all of the pain and strife
You stuck with me, right to the end
But you drove me round the bend
For yourself you could not fend
Though you were me, and I was you
And it's my fault our time is through
There is no remorse, I cut off your course
But I'm not sad.
Dear mainstream me, struggling me
The one who ached to just be free
Free of the system and expectation
I met new people and had revelation
But you were still my safety net
I was always just too scared to bet
But now I dare to take a risk
It's come to light that you've ceased to exist.
You rambled, and laughed, and said you were random
Stuck to the charts, but enjoyed tumblr fandoms
No longer will we walk in tandem
I threw you away in three bin bags
Your clothes are gone, you can't wear rags
Your hair is two toned, and now has a fringe
Your eyes are lined, your face pale tinged
Cold edges singed, To your pictures I now cringe
You never belonged
You felt so wrong
You grew to like different songs and was never quite strong
And I guess I killed you, but I'm not sorry
We're both better now, so I won't worry.
Goodbye, Mainstream Izzy.

The End

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