A leopard never changes its spotsMature

I was asked to write my last ever English speech for school based on a list of proverbs given and thought that writing my speech in a poem format would be an interesting challenge. This was the result.

The busyness of the day comes to an end

Although angered tempers have yet to mend.

A not so old man picks up his alcohol

And after many hours of drinking, it poisons his soul.

His girlfriend is seen at work the next day,

With a face full of make-up, barely anything to say.

No one knows that evening, with her soap in hand

After washing away that expensive base brand

She looks in the mirror and begins to muse

On how long it will be before the fading of the bruise.

The woman knows that this time isn’t the first

In fact this is the fifth black eye she has nursed.

Her mind then blurs and does flashes back

To what occurred before during the night so black.

She recalls his first response of frustration

To what he had called her ‘drinking problem’ accusation.

She remembers next his reddening face

And the veins which stood out, networked like lace.

The flying fists, her back against the wall

The coldness of the floor  when she curled up in a ball.

Her footsteps had echoed down the passageway

His voice shouting “that’ll teach you to watch the words you say!"

The lock had clicked when the key had turned

 her eyes had watered, her bleeding lip had burned

There’s memory of a tear-filled pillow when she slept

And the quiet the next morning when he wordlessly left

She comes back to the present, watches the suds go down sink,

She tries to filter her mind, watch out what she thinks.

The female attempts to block out the bad

And the events of last night which had made her so sad.

She thinks instead only good, pleasant thoughts

Like the future wedding ring price tag with its long line of noughts...

Or  perhaps that old park bench she so dearly does miss,

Where under an orange sunset they had had their first kiss.

She smiled to herself remembering his arrival that afternoon,

Then his surprise romantic dinner under the light of the moon...

But then it had ended...after redeeming himself so far,

He had gone and taken out some liquor from the bar.

She then lets out a sigh and climbs into bed,

“It will be different tonight...” she wearily said.

But she knows deep down, despite his “I love you lots”

A leopard never changes his spots.

The End

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