A Kiss

Just keep kissing, everyone ;)

Two souls melting together

Into one, simple whole;

One pair of lips on another

Insatiable beasts craving more of the fire.

A caress, a sparkling touch,

Vivacious fireworks that light up my sky.

Pieces of the world crumble away

Falling into the black hole of nothingness,

Creating a time and space of our own.

Stretch taller on my toes, miles away

Savoring each jolt of static electricity

That gallops through my veins.

Warmth creeps slowly like the tides,

Temperature rising like the helium that

Fills my balloon of a mind.

Higher, higher, higher,

I rise until bittersweet separation

Snaps me back to a swirling reality.

A delicious grazing of skin.

The End

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