A Kinda Thank You

This poem was a quick spit poem, kinda went with the flow on this one.

I waste my battery- every time I lock and unlock my phone

Just to see the new message written on the top of the screen

And as I slowly open it- a million possibilities of things you could have said run through my mind so quickly

But I'm only wishing for one, the returned I Love You, it's my reinsurance

This in not some romantic love poem, but more of an I owe you one

Because I think about you more than sometimes, and sometimes I remember the way we are together

 The fact that our type of friendship is one that is admired, 7 years and counting, I promise you forever

I'd like to thank you for everything you ever done for me like the support you give me, extra comfort

Hell it's like I'm reading a bra advertisement but that's okay because I never had to advertise your way to get your attention it was already there undivided and caring, this fact is true

Best friend you're the reason I breathe and sometimes loose my breath because I laugh so hard when you squawk like a bird because someone did something funny

Best friend I love all the looks you give me and how easily I can decipher what you're trying to say, we're so damn good we can be a world champ mime team, or at least win a game of charades, I'd put money on us

I guess it's safe to say that just maybe I fell in love with our friendship, and no disrespect to the other out there, I appreciate you too. 


The End

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