I is for Iguana

Iggy Iguana was a remarkable lizard,

When it came to his music, he was surely a wizard.

He played keyboard and organ with the Dead and the Who,

He rocked with Sir Elton and Zeppelin too.


Iggy Iguana learned a lesson from Kiss,

He'd stretched out his tongue and let out a hiss,

He wore black leather pants and sequined gloves,

And tattoos that named everyone of his loves.


But eventually Iggy lost all of his fame,

When Janis Joplin passed on, it just wasn't the same.

He gave up the dope and left music behind,

And took up a life of the very worst kind.


Iggy went back to school and learned a new work,

It was in Buckingham Palace that he went off to lurk,

He worked for the Queen as one her thugs,

By eating the palace's Beatles and bugs.




The End

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