H is for Human

Horatio Human, he has come so far,

From swinging in trees to driving a car.

Evolving through time, he's come to the place,

Where's he ruining the earth while he's conquering space.


He became master of all, the top of the chain,

He climbed every mountain and plowed every plain.

He rose above nature and made it his tool,

But now global warming has played him a fool.


Horatio Human, what a remarkable beast,

He's taken the earth and made it his feast,

He digs up the earth and then fills it with trash,

All for the purpose of making some cash.


Yet Horatio Human is not all a curse,

He can paint Mona Lisa's and write this memorable verse.

He knows how to love, he knows how to care,

He knows how to judge what is right, what is fair.


So all is not lost for this Horatio soul,

He does have a future that he still might control.

It's a matter of whether he'll care for the earth,

And remember the origins of his remarkable birth,



The End

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