F is for Fire-bellied Toad.

Frankly, a fire-bellied toad,

Is not a subject for thought,

So think of another - Cane Toad!

But of this I still know nought...

So into an encyclopedia I went,

Looking for things on this creature,

And I learnt he's a killer, frequent,

He is toxic, that is his feature.

But this poem is for the Fire-bellied kind,

So I searched for something day and night,

Nothing could I find,

So I carried on until morning light.

Eventually an article I did see,

Some are red and some are green,

It told me of his history,

In Wild and Captivity he is seen.

Of a reflex for predators,

"Unken" it's called,

Although for captive - it's for ancestors,

In wild  he's back arched, laying sprawled.

His reflex is good to defend,

But brilliant when used in attack,

So if this toad you do befreind,

Watch if he arches his back!

The End

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